Monday, 20 August 2018

Whanau Hui 20.8.18 - Minutes of Meeting

Whanau Hui Agenda/Minutes
Monday 20th August 2018 - School Staffroom

Welcome:      Karakia Timatanga       
Manaakitia tēnei hui                  (Bless this Gathering)

Manaakitia tēnei  ropu              (Bless this group)
Manaakitia tēnei whanau         (Bless this family)
Tae noa ki tēnei kaupapa        (In their reasons for gathering)
Arahina ngā patai                    (Guide this discussion)
Arahina ngā ture nei                (Guide the questions)
Kia puta ai te mārama             (Guide us toward a greater understanding)

Science Presentation: Whaea Mandy
· Vision for our School
· Rongoa Goals
· Native Garden

Presentation from Whaea Mandy:  Shared with the whanau her 6 month journey.  Great
discussion about the Beehive coming into school and the focus for questioning etc.  Hands on learning, beeswax, honey making, collecting nectar & whipping it, entrepreneur skills to sell products.  Broke down the learning our kids will be involved in.  Including our tamariki in what trees will we need to help support our bees etc. and develop our school environment for sustainability.  Talked about seeds etc.. Heritage seeds etc. Discussed Hydroponics to show comparison between outdoor growing and inside growing.  Harakeke - Raranga/Weaving etc  Maori Science & technology.  Shared about the learning through myths/legends
regarding the learning and science.  Science testing of the Harakeke - drying/classifying.  Navigation: Talked about how the Rover on Mars was navigated by GPS.  Astronomy.  Rongoa:  Maori Medicine.  This area is a particular area that Mandy is passionate about and wants to introduce it across the school.  Mana tahi at present are doing a 5 week learning HUB around Rongoa, historical perspective.  Mandy shared with the whanau that she visited a Maori Kuia in Whanganui who is known to make Kawa Kawa balm, the process to make these things etc and what she learnt from this Kuia. Taught Mandy how to cut it, which ones to cut, how to make the infuse oil, kawa kawa water etc.  Talked about the medicinal properties of various plants but also the importance of knowing how to use these plants

Vision of teaching it, financial literacy behind it as well.  Something to really look forward to.  Discussion about the Native Bush area, asked whanau for input to go away and think about it, create a design of what this could look like, where could we create this.   Put some ideas on paper and bring to next hui.  We have 19 trees from our ‘Paper for Trees’ programme, recycling.  So we need to get on to this asap and look at having a working Bee once the design is confirmed, whanau input as well as our tamariki and staff.  Talked about the sustainability of Monarch Butterflies and the need to ensure they don’t become extinct.

Science Badges - Very similar to CREST.  This comes through an actual place called Science Badges.  A booklet, complete and then get a badge.  Badges are about $3.50.  Like 42 Badges they coincide with
professional careers - biologists, zoologist, marine biologist, Farmer, Horticulture, Agriculture.  Teaching our kids our hands on skills, life skills.

How can you help us?  Talk to your friends, families, whanau what do you want us to teach in school
regarding Science.  What sort of things can you help us with…. What skills do you have?  What are you
excited about or passionate about that could be shared in our school classrooms. 

Kapa Haka - Pā Shane role - Changes are going to be happening. 
Tama Toa Programme - Sustainability for future programmes.

Pā Shane has recently spoken to me that he has been advised by his boss that his role is going to change meaning the withdrawl of working with schools.  No date confirmed yet but his focus will be as Cultural
Advisor for the Marae, Te Hotu Manawa and Oranga Tamariki, therefore no time allocated for schools.    We have been lucky to have Shane working with us for several years due to the nature of their Health Contract from the MOH.  We need to think of future in terms of Kapa Haka etc if we lose Shane or when we lose him.
Options to think about and discussed, suggestions from Whanau regarding Kapa Haka:
1. Whole school Group - Select high performance from it for competitions???
2. High performance & developmental group (Mixed ages for both)
3. Whole school Group - Performances in front of school, Prizegiving & Te Pae Tamariki annually

Huge mihi to Whaea Ollie & Whaea Sandy for Tutoring Nga Tipuranga.  You have done an amazing job with them and we are really grateful for your ongoing support.  Developmental Group/High Performance Group? 

Treaty of Waitangi in Education:  Pa Shane to confirm a time and date

Hui closed with Karakia - 7.15pm

Nga mihi ki a tātou whanau.
Mā pango, mā whero, ka oti te mahi
By black and by red the work is done
This can be paraphrased by saying that with everyone's’ input no matter who they are the work is soon done.. 

Next Meeting:  We would like to hold another hui this term to do a workshop (Hands on) to make balms using Rongoa.