Thursday, 25 August 2016

Whanau Hui

On Wednesday 24th August we held our Whanau Hui.  It was a very cold night and we thank those who attended.  We had approximately 10 whanau members in attendance.  A great night with lots of quality conversation around Maori education, learners and celebrating Maori success & achievement. We shared our data with whanau and it was great to share that our Maori students at Roslyn are on par with other ethnicities in Reading, Writing and Maths.  Nga Tipuranga our junior kapa haka group were fortunate to receive a grant to assist in purchasing new kakahu for the group.

Here are the minutes from that meeting.
Whanau Hui Minutes 24.6.16

Friday, 1 July 2016

Next Whanau Hui...

Nga mihi mahana whanau

Unfortunately due to work committments and meetings this week we have been unable to make a time for a whānau hui to finish the term off this week & to address a few concerns.   Our next whānau hui will be next term on Wednesday 10th August at 5.30 - 6.30pm.  Please bring a plate.  We hope you will all be there to support as many of you have in the past.  An agenda will be posted online in the next couple of weeks and a notice sent home early next term to remind our whānau.

Noho ora mai
Whaea Maryanne

Thursday, 30 June 2016

Te Pae Tamariki 2016

Nga mihi

We had a fantastic performance at Te Pae Tamariki on Tuesday 28th June.  To help support Nga Tipuranga with their first year performing at Te Pae Tamariki we adjusted the bracket for
Nga Tupuranga so they could sing the teina songs.  Unfortuantely we were unable to finish the bracket and polish our moves but we will showcase this later in the year for all to see.  We would like to thank all the whanau who helped get our tamariki dressed for their performance, the most exciting thing is our teina, Nga Tipuranga will have their own Kakahu/uniforms by the end of the year.  They are currently being made.

We also enjoyed staying to watch three performances following our one.  The tamariki loved the morning out at the Regent and did us all proud.  It is important to note especially to some of our Senior students they have been going to Te Pae Tamariki for the past 3-4 years and are really flourishing in their pronunciation, stage presence, space and learning to multi-task through movement, more importantly learning Te Reo & movement through waiata.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Te Ohu Mātua

Te Ohu Matua

Fundraising Hui:  Thursday 12th May 2016
Meeting Began:  5.30 pm in Room 16
Minutes:  Mrs Anna Blay

Whanau agreed that Lollipops looks like a great fundraiser. Looking at selling tickets
for $10 each although will need to check out police guidelines to see if we would make
more money than we are allowed. Possible dates for this are Thursday 2 nd June as we
could run it from 5.30-7.30pm and there is a Teacher only day the next day. Anna to
ring Lollipops to ask about date. Tickets to be sold by whanau and a letter needs to go
out explaining this.

A notice needs to be put together to our Kapa Haka whanau asking for grocery items to
be donated to wrap up along with items in office for raffle. Discussion around how the
books should be set up so that each whanau could sell some tickets. Either $5 or $10 a
ticket. Ivy available to help wrap items.

Sausage Sizzle:
Dates for this are 30th July and 13th August. Warehouse supply bbq and gas bottle.
Everything else would need to be supplied by us. As middle of Winter is it worth the
cost of buying sausages etc?? Also timing as we would need several whanau members to
donate their time on those days to run it.

Matariki Celebration Day:
Idea of asking whanau to donate some baking to sell at a stall.
Kapa Haka night:
Trevor Baker offered to have his Kapa Haka group come and perform on possibly June
22nd at night. Gold coin donation and we could also have our senior kapa haka group
perform as a dress rehearsal for the Pae Tamariki festival. Trevor to get back to us
about this date.

Pae Tamariki:
Lots of discussion with whanau about Pae Tamariki and whether our Junior group should
be performing. Their thoughts are that we should not have two separate kapa haka
groups as our Teina need to have their Tuakana to look up to and learn from. Whanau
felt that with our juniors only having Shane this term they should perhaps just go to
Pae Tamariki to support the seniors this year. Something for them to look forward to
in their future at Roslyn School should the groups stay separate next year. Juniors can
continue to perform for our community and an idea shared about having daycares/local
kindys come and visit to see the students perform.

Grant Money:
We will know on June 9th if our $5,000 grant has been approved.
Maryanne and Deb arrived near the end of the meeting as they had been at a Maths Course straight after school and were able to answer some questions about having two Kapa Haka groups as asked earlier. Maryanne shared with the Whanau that a Matauranga Maori blog has been created and will be linked to the school website, a Facebook group has been created for our Whanau group - Te Ohu Matua and their is a Senior Kapa Haka group page for Nga Tupuranga.  The facebook groups are private for obvious reasons but is a good way to share photos of practices, notices for parents and a great way for positive feedback or communication.

Meeting finished 6.30pm

Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Te Ohu Mātua - Parent Meeting

Kia ora koutou,

Just a reminder there is a Fundraising Hui tonight in Room 16 from 5.30pm - 6.30pm.  Hope you can make it.

Ngā mihi
Whaea Maryanne

Monday, 2 May 2016

Nau Mai Haere Mai ki te Kura o Roslyn

Kia Ora and Welcome to Roslyn School

We are looking forward to Term 2 and can't wait to share how awesome we are at Kapa Haka and how we are improving in using Te Reo at School.

We have two Kapa Haka Roopu in our school, Ngā Tupuranga (Senior Group Years 4-8) and Ngā Tipuranga (Junior Group Years 1-3)  The times we practice at school are as follows:

Ngā Tupuranga - Thursday 11.30am - 1.00pm in the School Hall
Ngā Tipuranga -  Wednesday 1.00pm - 2.00pm in the School Hall

We also have Whānau Hui at least once a term to share data, to gather ideas for next steps in supporting our Maori Community and Students, learn about different ways we can support our tāmariki and whānau.  It's a great way to meet and greet our families and to build positive relationships.  

We have gathered a great group of parents together in our whānau too who are keen to support us with fundraising for 'things Māori'.  This group will be known as Te Ohu Mātua.  They may meet a couple of times during the term when organising fundraisers etc in addition to our Whānau Hui.

This year our focus will be on fundraising for some Kākahu (Kapa Haka uniforms) for Ngā Tipuranga and to add to the Kākahu for Ngā Tupuranga, the making of poi and other accessories/adornment to support our Kapa Haka groups especially with Te Pae Tamariki coming up later in the Term.